Monica Clare Cosplay is an Author, Cosplayer, Model, Influencer, and Master Seamstress. She is a rising content creator, famous for her Cosplay & Modeling photos & videos online.

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The cosplay world is full of creativity, diversity, and fandoms that we all love in one way or another. Cosplaying requires a lot of effort, but we still celebrate cosplayers whenever possible.

One cosplayer who deserves recognition is Monica Clare. Not only is she a skilled cosplayer, but she is also an author. Let’s shine a light on her and appreciate her talents. She was born in the USA and is also known as an Author, Actor, Cosplayer, Entrepreneur, and digital content creator.

Monica Clare Cosplay Selfie
Monica Clare Cosplay Selfie Photo

Before Fame/Story

She and her brother have always been into DC comics. They enjoyed watching the Justice League show when they were younger, and she was the first one to say that she reminded her of Supergirl. At first, she brushed off the comparison and was too stubborn to accept the resemblance, but finally, she gave in and decided to make a Supergirl costume.

She had only created two costumes before her Supergirl outfit, a Star Trek dress and an Imperial Officer costume that she submitted to the 501st Legion. While both of them received some recognition within their respective fandoms, it was nothing compared to the overwhelming reaction she got from her Supergirl costume.

Monica Clare Cosplay Recent Photo
Recent Photo

People started calling her Supergirl and even wrote birthday wishes to her, addressing her as “Supergirl.” This was something she had never expected or experienced before. Her Instagram account, which she had not initially started as a cosplay page, exploded from a few of her Supergirl photos being shared on various cosplay pages.

Her stubbornness still kept her in denial for a little while about how big this was, but she slowly began to accept the popularity of the costume.

She enjoys the reactions she gets, and she’s very thankful for the love people have shown for her work and what she does.  She feels honored to bring Supergirl’s character to life and always strives to represent her values in the best way possible.

This article is about Monica Clare Cosplay Real Name, Age, Biography, Birthplace, Net Worth & More, and other unknown information.

Biography | Age
Monica Clare Cosplay Real Name Monica Clare / Monica Tulay
Known As Monica Clare Cosplay / Supergirl
Profession Author, Cosplayer, Model, Influencer, and Seamstress
Age 20 – 26 years old
Date of Birth Not Found
Birthplace United States Of America
Home Town United States Of America
Ethnicity Caucasian | White
Religion Jewish
Zodiac Will Update

Monica Clare Cosplay Education | Training

Based on her place of birth and rising USA, it is probable that she received her primary, secondary, and higher education in Monica.

Education | Training  
Primary / Home School Will Update
High School Will Update
University Will Update
Training Will Update

Monica Clare Cosplay Parents | Siblings | Boyfriend & Kids

What is the name of Monica Clare’s Boyfriend, Parents Siblings, and Kids? She often shares her selfie videos, photos, and solo travel videos. Maybe she is currently single or keeping her personal life story hidden from her fan followers. Although she said in one of her interviews that she and her brother make their cosplay videos together, she never revealed her brother’s name.

Father Name Not Found
Mother Name Not Found
Sister Name Not Found
Brother Name Not Found
Marital Status Single
Husband N/A
Boyfriend N/A
Son Not Found
Daughter Not Found

Monica Clare Cosplay Age | Height | Physique Info

Monica is a professional Cosplayer & Internet Celebrity, her age height, weight, eye color, and physique measurements are below. Although there is no specific information about her age, it is given that it can be guessed from her physical appearance.

Monica Clare Cosplay Age 2024 20 – 26 years old
Aaliyah Cruz Height 5 Feet 2 Inches / 157.48 Centimeters
Weight 56 Kg / 123.46 (appropriately)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Physic Type Slim
Physic Measurement 35-25-36 In

Monica Clare Cosplay Net Worth 2024

This part will discuss Monica Clare’s net worth. But before knowing its net assets, let’s know its income sources. She did not share any of her business or jobs personally. Her lifestyle in general suggests that she earns money by creating digital content. The sources of income are sponsorship and network product promotion Amazon affiliates etc.

Net Worth Amount
Net Worth $100K – $500K (approximately)
Net Worth (Will Be Next Year) $700K

Monica Clare Cosplay Career

We observe her Instagram and see that she started digital content creation in 2014. But success came from later onwards when she started working on cosplay-related video content and that was the turning point of her career.

Social media has made an effective contribution to her career success. Where she has 114K followers on Instagram (@monicalisaclarisa) and her Instagram profile is verified & she has been using Instagram since June 2014. Her tiktok has 34.5K followers and more than 166.3K likes and she also uploads cosplay-related videos.

Monica Clare Cosplay Picture
Lifestyle Photo

She’s into cosplaying and writing her own book series. The first book, Sandstorm: The Legend of Adira, was published last year in July, and she recently released the sequel, Sandstorm: The Plight of Yesterday. She’s currently working on a third book, and when she’s not writing, she enjoys road trips and doing house projects.

She supposes she started cosplaying in an official capacity back in 2014 when she attended her first comic con, Wizard World Philly. She made the Star Trek TOS dress for that weekend, but her interest in costumes goes back much further than that. Her mom made a C-3PO costume for Halloween one year when she was about 7 or 8 years old.

She also remembers back in the early 2000s using their family camcorder to film herself dressed as Sarah Connor in T2, re-enacting the scene where she escapes the asylum. She’s not sure what happened to the tape, but she’s sure it’s pretty hilarious.

Monica Clare Cosplay Photo

The first time she tried to make a costume was in 2003, and that was T’Pol’s white jumpsuit from Star Trek: Enterprise in the episode where they go to Vulcan. She adored all of T’Pol’s jumpsuits, but the white one was just so sharp!

She had no idea how to sew at the time, and it was a total disaster. Later in life, she got a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising, and she learned how to sew and make patterns. She has made so many costumes since then, including a successful T’Pol jumpsuit!

She has put most of her costumes together herself. It depends on whether it’s something she plans to take creative liberties with or if it’s something she wants to be 100% screen-accurate. The ones she takes liberties with are more rewarding to her creative side, much like her Hawkgirl costume, which is still recognizable as Hawkgirl but with her spin.

T’Pol was a very challenging costume for her to make, and for that one, she started with a mock-up which she marked where she wanted all the panels to be. Then she cut up the mock-up and used it to make her pattern. She doesn’t always have to make a pattern, but she will say that 9 times out of 10 it ends up being a requirement; if not, she usually must adjust an existing pattern.

She never dreamed that cosplaying would be a source of income, but it has surprisingly developed into something that she can make some money doing—whether it’s attending shows and selling prints, receiving Ko-fi donations, taking costume commissions, doing paid photo shoots, or participating in Instagram promotions.

Monica Clare Cosplay Best Photo
Best Photo

At the current moment, she’s promoting her two published books, which can both be found on Amazon – “Sandstorm: The Legend of Adira” and “Sandstorm: The Plight of Yesterday.” To give a little insight into the stories, Sandstorm (also known as Adira) is a superhero that she created, and she also cosplays as her and models for both covers.

This woman is pretty selfless and started from scratch, like as a slave in Egypt a long time ago. She received super strength and the ability to control the sands after praying for strength against her oppressors, and what she loves most about her is that (like her) she is a strong Jewish woman.


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The text is about a woman who has a passion for cosplaying but faces challenges when it comes to her job and coworkers. She didn’t intend to become a cosplayer, but her personal Instagram and Facebook pages have gained popularity, and now her coworkers treat her differently.

@monicalisaclarisa Living my best superhero life ❤️#animatedseriessupergirl #animatedseriescosplay #justiceleague #animatedseries #midriff #bellybutton #abs #cosplayergirl #karazorel #cosplaytransition #supergirlcosplay #supergirl #cosplay #dcuniverse #dc #dccomics #cosplayer #girlswhocosplay ♬ Sweet Dreams – Trinix

She has to balance her social media presence and work, which is a time management struggle. The woman feels like living in both worlds parallels the struggles of Superman and Supergirl with their secret identity. She hopes that one day, her cosplaying and writing will be lucrative enough to allow her to work for herself.


Q. What is Monica Clare Cosplay’s real name?

  • Her real name is Monica Clare / Monica Tulay.

Q. How old is Monica Clare Cosplay?

  • She is 20 – 26 years old in 2024.

Q. What is Monica Clare Cosplay’s boyfriend’s name?

  • She is currently single.

Q. What is Monica Clare Cosplay’s height?

  • Her height is 5 Feet 2 Inches / 157.48 Centimeters.

Q. How rich is Monica Clare Cosplay?

  • Her estimated net worth is $100K – $500K.

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