Who is Karolina Agata Sankiewicz?

Karolina Agata Sankiewicz (boss_baby001k) is a Polish-born Dubai native Wake-Surfer and social media personality. She is best known for her Dubai BARBIE Surfer & Instagram & Tintok trendy personality.

Karolina Agata Sankiewicz Biography

Karolina Agata Sankiewicz is a popular video content creator (Wake-Surfer) from Poland known for her entertaining and relatable videos. She currently lives in Lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Karolina Agata Sankiewicz Image
Karolina Agata Sankiewicz Image / Via Instagram

She is originally from Poland and has been living in Dubai for the last 11 years. Dubai has become her home, and she is incredibly grateful to be residing there. The country provided her with opportunities to pursue her dreams, and she hopes her story will inspire others to follow their passions and persistently chase their goals.

Her passion evolved into her business simply because she adores what she does. When she began experimenting with unconventional ideas like ironing, using a laptop, and wearing high heels while surfing, it was all driven by her love for the sensation of being on the board, riding the waves.

As her videos gained widespread attention, various brands started approaching her, turning her passion into a thriving business.

She began Surfing in Hawaii, where she used to live and study in Honolulu for 5 years. She fell in love with surfing there, despite hailing from a cold country accustomed to heavy winters; she has always had an affinity for sunshine and the sea.

Karolina Agata Sankiewicz Biography & Wiki
Real Name Karolina Agata Sankiewicz
Known As @boss_baby001k / boss_baby001k / Dubai BARBIE Surfer / Karolina Sankiewicz
Profession Wake-Surfer, Model, Digital Content Creator
Age 22 – 30 years old
Date of Birth May 22
Birthplace Poland
Living Place Burj Arab, Dubai Marina
Ethnicity White | Caucasian | Polish
Religion Christians
Zodiac Gemini

Education | Training

Karolina Agata Sankiewicz wishes to keep her educational qualifications/training private, with no further details available.

Education | Training  
Primary/Home School Will Update
High School Will Update
University Will Update
Training Will Update

Karolina Agata Sankiewicz Boyfriend & Dating

Karolina is an adult woman but she has not revealed her boyfriend or dating information. Although many men are seen in her videos, nowhere does she give instructions about boyfriends. So let’s say she is still single.

Father Name Not Found
Mother Name Not Found
Sister Name Not Found
Brother Name Not Found
Marital Status Single
Husband Not Found
Boyfriend Not Found
Son Not Found
Daughter Not Found

Karolina Agata Sankiewicz Age | Height | Physique Info

How old is cosplay Halle (@carobiparada) & what is their height, weight, eye color, and physique measurement?

Age 22 – 30 years old
Height 5 Feet 8 Inches / 1.76 Cm
Weight 58 Kg / 127 lbs (approximately)
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Brown
Physic Type Curvy
Physic Measurement 35-27-34 In (approximately)

Karolina Agata Sankiewicz Net Worth

Karolina’s net worth is not publicly known, which has made fans curious about her income. The main sources of income are sponsorship, ad network and affiliates.

Karolina Agata Sankiewicz Net Worth Amount
Net Worth $3M – $10M (approximately)
Net Worth (Will Be Next Year) $10M+

Karolina Agata Sankiewicz Career

She is the founder of K Surf Dubai + K Designs UAE, and she told much about her career for her fans & followers

“K Surf Dubai” is a new company that began with her passion for surfing. As her videos gained viral attention, numerous individuals approached her, expressing interest in trying out surfing and creating similar videos.

Karolina Agata Sankiewicz Lifestyle Image
Lifestyle Image

For her, owning her own company and crafting an experience where people can come together and enjoy themselves has always been a dream.

Her second immensely popular video featured her as Barbie, dressed in high heels, carrying shopping bags, a MacBook Pro, embodying the iconic character. This video currently boasts 55 million views on TikTok and several million on Instagram. Subsequently, she became known as the “Barbie Dubai surfer”.

Karolina Agata Sankiewicz Photo

She believes the most challenging stunts were either using an ironing board with the iron while surfing or decorating a large Christmas tree on the board. Both attempts were successful in terms of not falling into the water, but filming these videos proved to be quite tricky.

Karolina Agata Sankiewicz Recent Image
Recent Image

It was May 2023 when she traveled to Miami for her birthday and uploaded a TikTok of herself surfing in a bathrobe, donning Nike Jordans, applying makeup, and carrying Cartier and Louboutin shopping bags. Overnight, it garnered 20 million views, a shock as she never anticipated the video to go viral. What started as a fun idea now boasts almost 50 million views.

@boss_baby001k Barbie girl ‍♀️ @Maryamcaptures @barbie @Barbie Movie #barbiegirl #barbie #dubai ♬ Barbie Girl – Aqua

She further enhanced her career by using social media, on Instagram (#boss_baby001k), and joined in May 2016. She has over 709K followers, and her Instagram profile is verified. As well as the TikTok profile @boss_baby001k has over 338K followers and 17.9 M Likes. [talentbiography.com]


Q 1. What is boss_baby001k’s real name?

  • Her real name is Karolina Agata Sankiewicz.

Q 2. What is Instagram Star Karolina Agata Sankiewicz’s birthplace?

  • She was born & raised in Poland.

Q 3. How old is TikTok Star & Surfer Karolina Agata Sankiewicz?

  • She is 22 – 30 years old.

Q 4. Who is CarobiKarolina Agata Sankiewicz’s husband?

  • She is currently single.

Q 5. How rich is Karolina Agata Sankiewicz?

  • Her net worth is $3M – $10M (approximately).

Q 6. What is Karolina Agata’s body measurement?

  • Her body measurement is 35-27-34 In (approximately).

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