Joel Naburgs (aka – Joel Bergs) is an Australian Ex Basketball Roster, Video Creator, And Influencer. He is famous for sharing/creating insane, comedic, reaction videos. As his videos are interesting, he has millions of views and a large fan/follower on the internet platform.

Joel Naburgs Wiki/Bio

Joel Naburgs is a talented Australian ex-basketball player video creator, and social media personality. Now he is active on digital platforms, and shares videos on TikTok/YouTube & Instagram. His videos attracted people worldwide, and his spirited spirit of adventure made him famous.

Joel Naburgs Wiki | Age
Joel Naburgs Photo

He is also famous for his online name/brand on digital platforms (YouTuber, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter), where you can find him by searching online @JoelBergs. He makes different kinds of videos (He collects various comedy and horror videos and gives reactions after watching).

And his creative idea works, and he is gaining popularity on the internet day by day as it is catchy. This article is about Joel Bergs’s wiki, bio, age, height, parents, girlfriend, net worth, career, social media, and the latest info.

We have collected some information from question & answer on his personal information:

What a start to my YouTube career – my first video bloody kicked the door down, mate. 100,000 subs in less than three days. That is mental. Bloody love you guys. Thank you so much. But let’s just get straight into this. This is my first-ever Q&A. I had thousands of questions sent to me, so if you guys enjoy this video, I’ll make another one in the near future. Alright, let’s just bloody bang these out, hey?

First question: Are you Australian, mate? Are you kidding me? Do I sound Jamaican? Of course, I’m Australian. You know what? I think that question was just sent to me to get under my skin and piss me off. And you know what? It worked.

Are you adopted? Getting pretty personal here, aren’t we? Well, how about you tell me? Here is a picture of my parents. Do you think I look adopted? Yeah, I bloody didn’t think so. Much.

How tall are you, mate? I am six foot three on the nose.

What is your favorite color? Yellow. Don’t ask me why; I don’t know why.

Joel, what’s going on with your tooth? Oh, mate, so rude. Well, I’m sure you’ve all noticed, but this little tooth right here is a bit shorter than all the rest. And that’s because years and years ago when I was a little kid, I got in a bit of a tussle with another kid, and he gave me a nice little sucker punch to the mouth. It moved my tooth up, and yeah, I just did nothing about it to fix it. But thank you for bringing that up. I’m not insecure about it at all.

Where in Australia are you from? I’m from Melbourne, Victoria, mate. If we pull up the map right here, I am just there.

Oh, I get this question so much. Do you see kangaroos everywhere? It bloody depends on where you live because I live in the outer city suburbs of Melbourne, and I don’t see kangaroos anywhere. But if I drive 30 minutes down the road into the bush, then they’ll be everywhere. So it just all depends on where you live.

Can you ride them? Does everyone just think Australia is just a completely different world? Do you not understand that we are just like everyone else? We have cars here, mate. Oh, big shocker. It’s just like asking Americans if they ride on the back of bald eagles, fly around to get places. No, no.

How likely are you to encounter a crocodile in Australia? Mate, you are more likely to grow an extra head than stumble across a crocodile up north. Yeah, there’s a few up there, but if you’re just smart about it, you will never come across one.

Joel Bergs Image

How would you survive a crocodile attack? If the rare chance that you do come across one and it attacks you, then you just gotta go for the eyes, mate. Get your thumbs and go boom straight into the eyeballs. Hopefully, it lets you go after that because if it doesn’t, then you’re dead.

Why is Vegemite gross? Vegemite, it is not gross, mate. It’s delicious. I’m just so sick of people doing that Vegemite challenge where they take the Vegemite and just get a spoon and eat it straight like that. That’s not how you eat it. You gotta do it properly. You gotta get your bread, toast it, lather it with butter, and then put a fine smear of Vegemite on top. That’s how you eat it, and it is scrumptious.

Do the toilets flush backward? You have been watching The Simpsons, haven’t you? And can you believe for the first time ever, The Simpsons have finally got something wrong? The toilets do not flush backward here. They flush whatever way they were designed to flush. It’s got nothing to do with what hemisphere you’re from. So now you know.

What is your favorite animal? My favorite animal would have to be the leopard. I watched this video of a leopard that just dove into some random river, attacked a crocodile, got it by the neck like this, and dragged it out of the water up to a tree and just ate it. After I saw that, I was just like, goddamn, those leopards are gangsters. And from that day on, I’m like, yeah, leopards are my favorite.

Have you ever been to America? Yes, I have. I was lucky enough to get a four-year scholarship playing basketball in Florida. Oh yes, your boy Burns could play some ball. So yeah, I have been to America, and it’s like my second home, basically.

Least favorite American food? What is your least favorite American food? It would have to be Thanksgiving food. I’m sorry, but I just find it so overrated. The turkey sucks. Just give me chicken. The green things are just vomit. That thing with the marshmallows on top, that’s just weird. No, the only thing that I do like about it is the mashed potatoes and gravy and the football. But the rest of it can…

What made you start TikTok? Piss off. What made you start TikTok? Well, back in the day, I was on this app called Vine. It was like a six-second video app, and then all of a sudden, it just disappeared. So there was a big chunk of years after that where I just wasn’t making content, and then I stumbled across TikTok, and I thought, oh, it’s basically the same thing. So I started making videos again, and then I started to grow a bit, and then, before you know it, here we are.

How did you come up with your catchphrase? Your catchphrase, I’m assuming you mean that, “If you value your life.” I just said it once at the end of one of my TikTok videos, and the comment section was just flooded with people saying, oh, I love that. I love that. And so I just kept saying it, and yeah, people kept liking it, so there.

Do you hate anybody on TikTok? You go. Do you hate anybody on TikTok?

Sure, some people rub me up the wrong way, but I can’t really say I hate them because I don’t know them on a personal level.

What song do you hate? Is there a song that you hate? Yes, that song that goes on. I cannot stand it, mate. It just pisses me off so much. The worst part is that they are Australian, and let’s be honest, Australian music is not good. It’s rare for an Australian to have a big global song, but that song just made it, and it just got overplayed, overplayed, overplayed. Every radio station in Australia was just flogging it, flogging it, flogging it to the point where I wanted to blow me bloody brains out. I don’t even know who sings the song, and I’m not gonna go

This post is all about Ronny Moreno’s Biography birthplace, date of birth, age, hometown, Ethnicity, and many unknown points that are detailed below.

Joel Naburgs Bio | Wiki
Real Name Joel Naburgs
Nickname / Known As  Joel Bergs / @joelbergs
Profession Ex-basketball player, Digital Content Creator
Age 34 years old
Date of Birth 22 February, 1990
Birthplace Ringwood, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Home Town Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Ethnicity White | Caucasian
Religion N/A
Zodiac Pisces

Joel Naburgs Education | Training

Some information is available about Joel Naburgs’s educational qualifications and training. But in terms of his birthplace and current hometown, it can be said that he completed his education in Melbourne.

Education | Training  
Primary/Home School/Elementary Under Review
High School Box Hill High School [Box Hill, Victoria (Australia)]
University Stetson University
Training / Experience Stetson University Basketball player

Joel Naburgs Girlfriend | Parents | Siblings 

We currently do not have any information regarding the family of Joel, including the identities of his parents, siblings, partner, or girlfriend. After conducting some research, we found out that he broke up with his girlfriend based on a YouTube video.

However, we were unable to determine if he has any children or if he has had any ex-romantic relationships. He hasn’t confirmed being in a new relationship, and he hasn’t shared any information about his partner in any of his videos.

Joel Naburgs’s Father’s Name Chris Naburgs
Joel Naburgs’s Mother’s Name Uldi
Sister Name Not Found
Brother Name Not Found
Marital Status Single
Wife Not Found
Girlfriend Not Found
Son Not Found
Daughter Not Found

Joel Naburgs Age | Height | Wight | Physic Info

How old is rising content creator & ex-basket player Joel Naburgs & what is his height, weight, eye color, and physique measurement?

Ronny Moreno Age 34 years old
Height 6 Feet 4 Inches
Weight 90 Kg / 200Lbs
Eye Color Grew
Hair Color Brown
Physic Type Athlete
Physic Measurement N/A
Shoe Size (UK) N/A
Dress Size N/A

Joel Naburgs Net Worth 2024

Joel is a well-known personality in the world of men’s basketball, YouTube, and social media. He has a significant following, but his exact net worth remains a mystery to his fans. Despite their intense curiosity, details about his salary, assets, properties, and cars haven’t been made public.

However, we can try to assess his financial status by considering various factors relevant to his profession. These factors include his work as an artist, professional funny/reaction content creator, music producer, and participation in events like weddings and parties. Additionally, his sponsorship deals and receipt of gifts can also provide insight into his overall financial situation. By analyzing these different aspects of his career, we can gain a better understanding of his financial standing.

Net Worth Amount
Joel Naburgs’s Net Worth $300K – $1M (approximately)
Net Worth (Will Be Next Year) $1.5M

Joel Naburgs Career

Popular video content creator Joel Naburgs (@JoelBergs), turned his funny passion into a Professional. Although he was a professional basketball player and played for various teams and his school college, he was not seen on the basketball playground after 2013. Later, he became a digital content creator or influencer on internet platforms.

Joel Bergs Picture

He is an up-and-coming artist who has gained popularity through his presence on social media and video streaming platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. He is known for his performances at comedy shows and parties, and he also engages with his followers by sharing musical performances, cover songs, and unique content on YouTube. Joel’s career comprises both live performances and online content creation, through which he has built a loyal fan base.

On his YouTube channel @JoelBergs, he has a huge number of subscribers, he joined on YouTube on Apr 27, 2020, and now his channel is verified. His most popular video “AUSTRALIAN TRYING AMERICAN FOOD!!! (JOELBERGS)” got over 490K views.

On Instagram (@JoelNaburgs), he has over 366K followers. He has been using Instagram since November 2019, and his profile is verified.

On TikTok (@joelbergs), he has over 11.5M Followers and 352.4M Likes. He has a non-verified Twitter profile (@JoelBergs), used since February 2012, number of followers of 5,505 Followers.

Being an ex-basketball player, he has established his career on digital platforms using his fame and creative ideas and will do more on this platform in the coming days.


1 . Who is Joel Naburgs?

  • He is an Australian ex-basketball player who has gained popularity as a video creator and influencer. He is best known for sharing and creating humorous and outrageous reaction videos, which have amassed millions of views and a large following on various online platforms. His entertaining content has made him a prominent figure in the world of internet entertainment.

2. Where was Joel Naburgs born?

  • He was born in Ringwood, Victoria, Australia.

3. How old is Joel Naburgs?

  • He is now 34 years old.

4. What are Joel Naburgs’s height, and weight?

  • His height at 6 Feet 4 Inches, and his weight is 90 Kg / 200 lbs.

5. Is Joel Naburgs currently in a relationship or dating anyone?

  • He had a girlfriend but broke up with her and is currently single.

6. What is the net worth of Joel Naburgs in 2024?

  • His is estimated to be in the range of $300K – $1M (approximately) in 2024.

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TikTok TikTok

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