Callie Jardine is an American Pilates Workouts, Influencer, Content Creator & Founder Of Sweaty Studio. She is famous for sharing her fitness/pilates workout videos, and tips, on TikTok, Instagram & YouTube platforms.

Callie Jardine Bio | Wiki

She is best known as after-married Callie Jardine-Gualy. Callie Jardine was born in Midland, TX, in 2000. She spent a significant part of her childhood in Calgary, Canada—nine years. After that, she journeyed through different cities, calling Houston home for five years and briefly residing in Pittsburgh for one. Currently, she’s immersed in her junior year at the University of Miami in Florida.

Callie Jardine Image
Callie Jardine Image

When she’s not basking on the beach, reveling in the soothing symphony of crashing ocean waves, Callie keeps herself busy. As a fitness enthusiast, she teaches Pure Barre, and her quest for the latest and greatest takes her to trendy restaurants and coffee shops.

In her spare time, you can find her capturing moments for her page, crafting engaging blog posts and experimenting with “weird” yet healthy recipes in the kitchen.

She also enjoys breaking a sweat in various fitness classes, be it Pilates, cycling, boxing, or barre. Her days are a dynamic blend of coastal serenity and energetic pursuits.

Callie Jardine Photo With Sister
Photo With Sister

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TikTok | Instagram Star Callie Jardine Bio
Real Name Callie Jardine
Known As Callie Jardine-Gualy / @imsweatyandiknowit
Profession Digital Content Creator, Influencer, Pilates Workouts Trainer
Callie Jardine Age As Of 2024 24 years old
Date of Birth 2000
Birthplace Midland, TX, USA
Home Town Florida, USA
Ethnicity White | Caucasian
Religion Christians
Zodiac N/A

Callie Jardine Education

She was born in Midland, TX, and relocated to Calgary, Canada & spent nine years. Now she lives in Miami Florida & completed her education here.

Education | Training  
Primary/Home School
High School University of Miami School of Communication [Bachelor’s degree, Public Relations/Image Management] / Upper St. Clair High School
University University of Miami (2017 – 2021)

Training & Experience

  • Sweaty Studio Founder January 2022 – Present.
  • I’m Sweaty & I Know It Founder June 2019 – Present.
  • JetSet Miami 3 years 2 months.
  • Group Fitness Instructor February 2020 – March 2023 (3 years 2 months).
  • Digital Marketing Director February 2020 – October 2020.
  • Max Borges Agency Account Coordinator August 2021 – January 2022.
  • Pure Barre Instructor August 2018 – April 2021.
  • Bands by T.A. Social Media Marketing Manager May 2020 – February 2021.
  • Capital Analytics Intern May 2019 – July 2019.
  • College Fashion Fashion Blog Intern July 2018 – December 2018.
  • C.Jewels Designs Independent Business Owner June 2016 – September 2018.
  • Bellwether Sewickley Marketing and Graphic Design Intern May 2018 – August 2018.
  • Pacific Sunwear Sales Associate June 2017 – August 2017.
  • Picadilly Artisan Yogurt Sales Associate June 2017 – August 2017.
  • Mt. Lebanon Recreation Center Jr. Figure Skating Coach January 2017 – May 2017.

Callie Jardine Husband | Parents | Siblings & Relative

What is the name of Callie Jardine’s Husband, Parents, Siblings, and kids? She got engaged to John Gualy on 30 Apr 2023. And they got married on 11 Nov, 2023.

Callie Jardine Photo
Father Name Not Found
Mother Name Not Found
Mother In Law Cynthia Ersek Gualy
Sister Name Abby Jardine
Brother Name Not Found
Marital Status Married
Callie Jardine Husband John Gualy
Boyfriend N/A
Son N/A
Daughter N/A

Callie Jardine Age | Height | Physique Info

How old is Lidia Mera & what is their height, weight, eye color, and physique measurement?

Lidia Mera Age 24 years old
Lidia Mera weight 5 Feet 7 Inches (170.18 Cm) (approximately)
Weight 58 Kg (127 lbs)
Eye Color Light Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Physic Type Slim
Physic Measurement 35-26-34 In (approximately)

Callie Jardine Net Worth

The exact net worth of Callie remains unknown, leading to a growing interest among her followers regarding her sources of income, as well as her assets such as her properties and vehicles. This lack of financial disclosure makes it difficult to ascertain Jardine’s financial standing.

To accurately determine her net worth, we must take into account her various sources of income, which consist of digital content creation, lip sync videos, Pilates workout performances, product endorsements, advertisements, and donations. Check out below.

Net Worth Amount
Callie Jardine Net Worth 2024 $300K – $700K (approx)
Net Worth (Will Be Next Year) $1M


Callie, the founder of Sweaty Studio, was honored to receive the prestigious “YouTube Creator on the Rise Award.” This recognition highlights her dedication to delivering effective, engaging, and empowering Pilates workouts to Sweaty Studio’s ever-growing and supportive audience in the digital world.

Callie Jardine Selfie With Husband
Jardine Selfie With Husband

Callie, the host of the fitness podcast “Healthy But Human,” has garnered significant attention from fitness enthusiasts.

This attention has propelled the podcast to climb the charts, securing a spot in the Top 10 in the highly competitive fitness podcast landscape in the United States. She expresses deep gratitude for all the support and enthusiasm from the listeners who have played a crucial role in making this achievement possible.

In 2019, She initiated a health and wellness blog named “I’m Sweaty and I Know It.” What started as a personal blog evolved into the thriving online Pilates studio it is today.

The transformative journey took a significant turn in the summer of 2020 when she, the founder, began leading her friends through online Pilates workouts. Recognizing the positive impact on her friends’ lives, she conceived the idea of expanding these private sessions beyond her immediate circle through popular platforms like TikTok and YouTube.

With a commitment to promoting holistic health in a non-toxic manner, she started creating and sharing free Pilates and Barre workout videos for women.

Driven by her passion, she earned her certification as a Barre instructor at the age of 19. Subsequently, she delved into exploring various low-impact workout styles, with a particular focus on Pilates. This dedication and journey have played a pivotal role in shaping the thriving online Pilates community that she oversees today.

Through her experience teaching Barre and exploring various low-impact workouts, Callie realized a significant gap in the fitness industry.

Having struggled with an eating disorder and body image issues for a substantial part of her life, she arrived at a pivotal realization – the fitness world lacked workouts that weren’t toxic, triggering, or solely fixated on altering one’s physical appearance.

In January 2022, she brought Sweaty Studio, her online Pilates studio, into existence. Initially navigating the venture solo with occasional help from talented freelancers, her supportive boyfriend bid farewell to Wall Street and joined in to lend a helping hand. Together, they achieved remarkable milestones for Sweaty Studio.

With a team of experts, Sweaty Studio is dedicated to providing more than just workouts. The mission is to empower individuals to embrace their bodies, nurture their minds, and foster a positive relationship with exercise and self-care. Their classes prioritize overall well-being, incorporating elements of Pilates, Barre, and mindful movement, all woven together with uplifting encouragement. The belief is that everyone deserves to feel strong, confident, and comfortable in their skin, knowing they are worthy of unconditional love.

@imsweatyandiknowit Try my new beginner pilates challenge on YT @ CallieJardine!! #pilates #pilatesworkout #pilateschallenge #pilatesinstructor ♬ vampire – Olivia Rodrigo

As a competitive figure skater, she, struggled with chronic tendinitis in her ankles and knees, hindering her from participating in the high-impact exercises recommended for off-ice training.

At the age of 15, her mom enrolled her in a Barre class that seamlessly blended elements of yoga, Pilates, and ballet. Instantly enamored with this unique and gentle form of exercise, she found a stark contrast to her previous belief that achieving results meant enduring high-intensity workouts that were not enjoyable for countless hours each day.

Her first Barre workout shattered that belief, leading her to the realization that she could not hate herself into loving her body. Moreover, she discovered the incredible power of affirmations and their transformative impact on internal states, manifesting external results such as increased confidence and improved mood when paired with exercise.

Even during high school, despite witnessing outward physical changes from her rigorous fitness routine, she still felt discontent. It was during this period that she decided to adopt a new mentality, treating herself with the kindness and support she would offer her best friends. Embracing positive self-talk, mindful eating, and a holistic lifestyle mirrored the encouragement she received from her closest friends.

Her journey took an unexpected turn when she experienced hormone imbalances, leading to a disrupted menstrual cycle. This prompted her to embark on a healing path, exploring the concept of cycle syncing in her workouts and nutrition.

This exploration deepened her connection with her mind and body, making her feel stronger than ever. Understanding her body’s unique rhythms, she acknowledged that some weeks she had lower energy levels or different nutritional needs. This realization transformed her mindset, leading her to fully embrace the Sweaty Studio motto of “work with your body, not against it.

During her research, as she planned to share her passion beyond her friend circle, the workout videos she encountered on YouTube were fixated on changing the body rather than promoting overall well-being. She yearned for workouts that would make her feel great both inside and out, not just from a superficial standpoint. This desire became her ultimate motivation to establish Sweaty Studio.

Join her on this transformative journey as she supports you in reaching your fitness goals while advocating for self-love, acceptance, and holistic wellness. Together, she believes, you can work with your bodies, not against them, and celebrate the incredible potential within every one of you.


Q. Who is Callie Jardine?

  • She is an American Pilates Workouts, Influencer, Content Creator & Founder Of Sweaty Studio.

Q. How old is Callie Jardine?

  • She is 24 years old as of 2024.

Q. What is Callie Jardine’s height?

  • Her height is approximately 5 Feet 7 Inches (170.18 Cm).

Q. Who is Instagram star Callie Jardine’s husband/boyfriend?

  • She is married & her husband’s name is John Gualy.

Q. What kind of video does Callie make?

  • She makes Pilates Workouts and fitness videos.

Q. How rich is Callie Jardine?

  • Her net worth is $300K – $700K (approximately).

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