Angelina Vladis is a psychologist, fashion model, defeated cancer woman, and social media personality. Despite being diagnosed with cancer, she did not hold back and joined the modeling profession and gained popularity due to her modeling career.

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Angelina Vladis is 24 years old years old as of 2024, she is from St. Petersburg but was born in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Her alternative name is Angelina Garanina, now lives in St. Petersburg Capital of Russia.

Fashion Model Angelina Vladis Image
Fashion Model Angelina Vladis Image

Dealing with a disability can be a challenging experience both physically and mentally, causing a range of emotions, including a loss of self-confidence and appearance. However, it’s crucial to make time to look after oneself, even if it’s just simple things like keeping well-groomed and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which can include sports and regular exercise.

Additionally, seeking support from professionals such as psychologists or support groups can be very helpful in dealing with feelings of loss. The journey to self-confidence and maintaining inner beauty is invaluable, but it takes time and patience.

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Biography | Wiki
Real Name Angelina Garanina
Known As Stunt Girl Dasha
Profession Bike Enthusiast | Digital Creator
Age 24 years old
Date of Birth 2000
Birthplace Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Home Town St. Petersburg
Ethnicity Rusian | White
Religion N/A
Zodiac N/A

Angelina Vladis Story: 

Angelina Vladis told the cancer story to the judges in a modeling show, her cancer history was given exactly. “Hello! My name is Angelina, I am 21 years old (in 2021) I’m from St. Petersburg, but was born in Bishkek. This is in Kyrgyzstan.
So cool, worthy, energetic I think that in this case we should make an exception
and give you the opportunity to be part of the show. I’m very glad that you came here true, sincerely. You are really beautiful.
Thank you. Young girls and guys who will see you and who were ashamed of it just like you will be incredibly inspired.
For some reason my gut, that I trust a lot, tells me to say “No”. You are great, you are a huge motivator, really, thank you. We’ll see you again.
Hi. – Hi! – You’re worried, right? Yes, a little bit. I probably want to start from the beginning.
You were born there. How long have you lived in Kyrgyzstan? I lived there until I was 11.
Then I got sick. We started looking where … what clinics are and where And because of it moved to St. Petersburg?
Roughly speaking, yes, we had to fly to St. Petersburg, because there … – How old were you when you were diagnosed? – When I was 11.
– 11 years old? – Yes, 11. Tell me what happened. To speak about… if wander off the point
I have been doing folk dances for a long time More than 5 years. And I got severe pain in my leg at the age of 11
I told my parents. We started visiting doctors. The doctors diagnosed “sprain” and I continue going
– Stretched it. – Stretched, pulled a little – Just a little. – Yes.
And they put a plaster cast on me to make sure – stretched, stretched -…disown me and say: “That’s all”
We … Still, they put a plaster cast on me, we continue visiting doctors – Did your leg hurt? – Yes, the pain intensified, amplified
– What does the pain feel like? – Ouph… – Like a bruise? – Severe bruise.
A severe bruise, fresh one, yes? Yes, when you press hard on a bruise, pain like this was constant.
– Did it look visually somehow? – Not at all. – Just your leg hurt inside? – It wasn’t visible at all, it wasn’t even visible on the X-ray doctors didn’t see it on x-rays.
They put this plaster cast, I went to get tested and when I was going down the stairs I broke my leg.
In this cast my bone was so thinned because there was already a tumor, – that it just broke down. – Well, you went on crutches?
No, only with a plaster cast and my mom. – And what part of your legs was cast at? – Right here
– Like this – I had a tumor above the knee – That’s how you had a cast. I got it. – Yes, yes-yes. And I…
– Couldn’t you bend? – Yes, I wanted to bend and by trying I got a fracture. And this fracture has spread the tumor from the bone to the soft tissue.
– But you found out about it later? – Yes, then they sent me for an MRI scan and with an MRI scan I was finally diagnosed, that everything is not very good there.
I didn’t quite understand then what it was. – What’s happening – Yes. – I somehow… they said: “Well, you are sick, you need to be treated” – 11 years, of course. What could you understand then?
I said: “Okay, I need to be treated.” Although the parents, they were… Now I understand how shocked, scared, in panic they were.
I was packed in a lying position in 3 days… – A lying position? – Yes, after I broke it, I didn’t get up.
And I was transported to… – To St. Petersburg. – Yes, by plane, there were 3 seats for me.
– In a lying position? – Yes. Absolutely, I had a very similar story with my mom. And you know, she was… She fell and couldn’t get up
and she was told: “Fracture” by three different surgeons. But that was in Kamchatka, I think the level of medicine in Bishkek was the same.
Three times they said that it was a fracture and we had to urgently transport her to Vladivostok. Did you move in a wheelchair?
No, lying down. In a lying position? You couldn’t even get up at all? Couldn’t sit down too? Did it hurt?
Uh-huh, the pain was terrible. – For 2 months people tried to understand that you had a tumor. – Yes. What do you think, if you knew earlier, the situation could change?
I thought about it for a long time, but this kind of tumor, it very often gives metastases immediately,
precisely because they decided everything so radically for me, that they didn’t save the leg,
I am now sitting and doing this interview. If they started to come up with something … if there was no fracture,
they kept the leg, then they tried change part of the bone, the tumor could have metastasize throughout the body
Yes, yes-yes, and it would not be clear at all where you were now Therefore, if this is how it all turned out, so well…
– it happened. – it happened, yes. Tell me what happened how was going the treatment?
I had chemotherapy courses I did chemo, my hair fell out, eyebrows, everything fell out, nothing left.
– Did you still had a leg? – Yes. How does chemotherapy work? Not everyone knows.
Chemotherapy is a dropper with a drug Are you in the hospital? Were you taken straight from the airport to the hospital?
– Yes, that’s all. – What hospital of St. Petersburg were you in? FSBI «Petrov Research Institute of Oncology». It’s been renamed recently I guess.
What was it feel like? Very bad poisoning? – When you are constantly nauseous, constantly. – You feel sick, you have a weakness
Immunity drops. That is, chemo, how does it work? Your blood counts are at zero.
There is nothing, no platelets, no hemoglobin, nothing, everything is drooping. And…
After the IV… During 3 days I had chemo, a course lasts 3 days, and then the flushing is done.
Did you have the same length of hair? I had longer, like this We made the decision to shave my hair…
– Before that – It was a big mistake – Why? – Because…
before the chemo it has already begun to grow and then this short hair began to fall out
– and this hair was everywhere. – Crumbled, yea? I still remember I have a “I love St. Petersburg” T-shirt. When we came I bought it
and it’s still in that little hair. It stayed there. Hasn’t it washed out? Why do you keep it?
As a memory. What a gloom. Burn it. I thought you know how it’s shown in movies that you just take your hair like that…
There were girls who didn’t do that It was a clever decision then they took hair and it fell out straight in patches
Well… it wasn’t the worst thing that could be lost in this hospital – It’s true. – I figured out later…
You can tell, yes, yes-yes. Not the biggest loss. When I left the show, I said that I was so sad, but it wasn’t the biggest loss.
I still don’t understand if it’s cool that we didn’t take you into the show or not. I am not completely… The most offensive was to me that you didn’t take me to the photo shoot…
– Well, yes, but … – I did not come to show that I have a prosthesis, I came… Firstly, I came. Yes, I don’t understand how, you know, like we singled you out or not.
Was it for the good or not? Because further, well, you understand I saw, I understand why, of course.
How long have you been in the hospital? 9 months. I was in the hospital for 9 months and
I was discharged without completing 2 chemotherapies, because I had anaphylactic shock.
And I remember, I told my mom that… even if I start cry and say: “Please, don’t, don’t do it”
Don’t listen to me, do what’s right. – At the age of 11, did you already think like that? – Yes.
I’m sitting and understand why the hell I decided to talk to you I … me… I feel my skeleton now I’m sitting next to you, you know, like…
This is actually all very… I am very I’m emotionally empathic and I lie and just… I’m lying in my head now
I’m already in your shoes, I’m lying there, because I am like a person who watched everything by myself Unfortunately, my mom passed away due to cancer
I’ve seen all the stages I know what is it. I feel your story as much as possible. I feel so terrible now.
– Come on, we can handle it. – Don’t, we, of course … – We can handle it, I believe in us. – We’re just talking.
– Yes, yes-yes. – It was 10 years ago. – 10 years ago, yes. – So much time has passed. So wait, that’s it, I’ve cried I’m gonna calm down now.
So Mom sent me to an interview and said: “Make jokes”
I understand that in general you have a family that… – Well, what to do? – knows how to cheer up.
– Oh, we like grim humor. It’s… – Thank God, it helped me a lot too. – You had radiation therapy – Yes.
– but they already knew they would amputate – Yes. – and you were told? – Yes. And why did you have radiation therapy?
– To avoid metastases? – Yes, they tried to beat it in every way so during the surgery nothing…
Let’s tell to everyone, metastases are cancer cells. They can spread
as far as I know, osteosarcoma hits the lungs
– Who? – What? – What sarcoma? – Osteosarcoma. – What is that word? – I had osteosarcoma,
– sarcoma in the bone. – And what is sarcoma? A type of cancer tumor. We can google
When I was diagnosed in Bishkek with “stretched” and offered to replace the bone,
the tumor cannot be operated without chemotherapy, – I understood. – To cut, open and air will get in and that’s it, bye.
You had radiation therapy. How long has it been since the moment you were in the hospital?
I came in August, somewhere in September I had chemo,
radiation therapy. And then I had a surgery. What does it mean, “Okay, I had a surgery” and said: “Okay, *** leg.”
I lived in my illusions, I thought that a removing operation like this one is done with a very accurate laser
super innovative then I found out that it’s not, and everything is scary there, but then this thought supported me, that everything was…
– You thought that it would be like in the future – I was hoping. – Just like in “Resident Evil” – Well, yes, yes-yes And that’s all, and there is nothing. Jedi comes, *** next
– Conveyor – A conveyor is like for a vaccine I’ll ask you something, but I am not sure that I’m ready for an answer
How was it? They brought me in we’re waiting while they were preparing something
Food? I had more than 30 anesthesia in my life at that time.
– I had more than 30 ones. – Why? Well, every time… Even if we go back to the plaster topic
Every time to change the cast, change the splint, which was under my leg, I had anesthesia every time.
I was lying down. And they began to count, and somewhere at 6… Like 1,2,3,4,5,6 – that was it, I passed out.
– That’s all. – And then what? Then I periodically woke up … Well I was transferred to reanimation
You have to be there for some time after the surgery I remember the ceiling that was there the glass one
and cold, and my mom, who covers me with a blanket Then they transfer me to the intensive care
I have tubes, drains, blood sticking from everywhere. But I don’t quite see it all. And I already sat down on the 2nd or 3rd day, to be correct, I tried to sit down.
I had a great desire to get up after 3 months of laying down.
I… It was my mission When I was already transferred to the intensive care and I could already look
I looked And I remember that I was just silent
– You looked like that? – Yes, I looked Mom came back and I didn’t speak. I don’t remember how long, I just didn’t talk, I was just silent.
Do you know what it was interesting for me to ask? – Do you dream like you have two legs? – Yes.
I still remember the feeling when you step I remember a few very well where I ran, walked. Yes, of course, I see these dreams.
With what thoughts do you wake up? – A dream and a dream. – And it’s ok? And don’t care?
Well, what can I do? I have 2 options: I can suffer or I can accept everything like it is.
I accept for now. There was a little joy, because… in this sad story
because they left me a little more of a bone so that I can walk on a prosthesis,
it was still a question, but the surgeon took a little risk
and left more than expected. How long did you lie? How many tubes were there in the leg?
I don’t know at all, I don’t remember. – Well, if you, look … – Well, the drains were removed, it was very painful to remove them.
Why were they there? Are they like an extension of your veins, a continuation of the circulatory system, or what?
No, there was some kind of liquid dripping, blood and something else. On the 3rd or on the 4th day I tried to walk on crutches
and I went out to the corridor – On crutches? – Yes. I remember it was so hard because this leg
there were no muscles already… they were gone not a foot, nothing I stepped on and I didn’t feel, it didn’t hold me
Where does your leg end now? – May I touch it? – Yes. – But this is a prosthesis, it is solid. – Yes, it’s just on top, yes.
– It’s solid everywhere. – Somewhere around here your leg ends. Around 15cm.
– Leggy! – What can I do? When were you discharged? When everything healed?
– Final discharge? – Yes, what did you do there for 9 months? Chemotherapy. – Again? The leg was amputated and you continue to take chemo? – Yes, of course.
Gods! How many IVs did you have? 4 courses. Was there a daily payment for staying there, in the hospital?
In the hospital? We had to make citizenship for me, for hospital to take me in.
– So you switched from commercial to..? – And there was a quota. – You catch the quota? – Yes, yes. What are your parents’ occupation?
Mom works as an administrator in a coffee shop. – And dad? – Dad was engaged in airbrushing cars. – And now? – Now it’s about the same.
Well, not oligarchs, accordingly – At all. – Unfortunately.
Do you know how it was with my mom? She didn’t tell me, it took a very long time she hid from me that she had cancer.
It started with her breasts. And she wore a silicone insert, she had her breasts removed, but she didn’t tell me.
I just came home one day and she was wearing a wig. I was 20.
I say: “Mom, why are you wearing a wig? You’re still young. What happened?” Why do you wear a wig like old grandmas”, you know? Like it used to be, a cheap one
And she looks at me, eyes with tears, but she doesn’t cry. But she is silent. And I think, “Well, okay.”
And I hung out with her for a while and I went away. And at some point at night I wake up from the thought of my mother in a wig and call my sister.
And I say… and she can’t hold it anymore And she says to me: “What a fool you are!” like “Use your logic.”
But it’s how it works in my family – if there is a problem, everyone pretends that it is not. And so I played along with her for a very long time.
We came in Moscow, I’ve already lived in Moscow, and she … the day before departure she said: “My head hurts, I can’t take it, nothing helps.”
Thank God there is a 24 hour MRI here, because in Kamchatka on MRI you need – Make an appointment – make an appointment for 1 MRI one month in advance.
And we went, it was done right there and we were told, that she had metastases in her head. Then it spread into the spine Well, after the spine, we could not cope.
But it lasted 9 years. She fought for 9 years, although after the first cancer she was told after the first tumor
She was told that she has at best half a year. But 9 years, because that was her position. Therefore, it seems to me, yes, a position is very important here.
And we came to the doctor in … I don’t remember which hospital and he told: “There are 2 ways.
You can get a quote and we’ll add you to the general queue
or you can have paid surgery. But if you pay to the hospital…” This is a government hospital.
“…then we’ll add to the queue too. Most of the money will go to the hospital, we…” No, “All the money will go to the hospital. We won’t get anything from it.”
The head of the oncology department told me. Says: “Either you can get a quota, and pay this money to us
and then the whole team will pay more attention to this.”
– A state hospital. – A state hospital. As a result, they persuaded us and we got a quota
and we paid for this operation in cash in an envelope like this. Wow.
Ostensibly so that everything goes well. Because he told me this: “We have very low salaries.
And we want to survive too.” I don’t know how there could be conversations like this one in this field.
The man saves people from death and he offers to help him a little bit
so that everything would happen a little more delicately People in that kind of a situation they are ready for anything
And I, to be honest, you are shocked so much, that I was like… And I understood that it didn’t matter at all.
So I don’t even remember… I didn’t have… I don’t even know where I had got this money, I don’t remember. The most amazing thing that after a while I thought:
And how is the man? How is his conscience? It’s clear that I wasn’t the only one.
He said: “This money is not going just to me. Money goes to all of us.” And at the same time there is in the back… I saw that his office was like this studio.
Like made of wood, f*ck Wow
– Can you imagine? – so so. So you got a quota and you didn’t pay anything to anyone. Although how would you know?
First, I was helped in Bishkek – they sent me, than – children foundation
chemo was Because we had to get a quota, of course Because it was no longer clear what it was
Yes, yes-yes, I should have had 6 chemos Have you been offered any alternatives to treatment? Maybe to fly somewhere?
When we were still in Bishkek, mom and sister called Israel,
and everywhere, but even in Israel they said that it had to be amputated. Does it matter to you where you get an amputation?
Do you know the extraordinary thing about oncology? That everyone when people find out about cancer we have such an approach in Russia
they bury you at the same moment I visited all the doctors for my mother and gathered everything, and they write you off, you already sort of… you are gone
In all countries… in America you are called “survivor” “Survivor” – you defeated the disease
And you know, the worst thing you don’t get a prosthesis
until you have 5 years after oncology – Why? – 5 years of being in remission
– Before 5 years – Maybe you’ll die till then – Why do you need everything so expensive? – To spend money
What is remission? It’s… This is when you get discharged from the hospital but you periodically…
you come for checks often, you are not clear from oncology,
You… but you are discharged at the same time – Are you in remission now? – Yes.
– Will you be in remission the whole life? – Probably in oncology you should be in remission the whole life Because you don’t know at what moment what can happen
My… I am discharged I don’t have a prosthesis, have nothing, I walk on crutches
I come back to Bishkek. – Why? – I have a school there. How did you get back to school without a leg and then?
I was very happy, I remember that I was really happy to take crutches and just came to my class,
they supported me during these 9 months they sent me there… I remember my friend even sent lollipops,
some letters, everything, I don’t know, they drew a banner – So the class basically supported you? – Yes.
– Was there no bullying? – Never. – Well done, great. Class – good job! – Thanks them a lot. I went every day like everyone else I was against home schooling or anything like this
Graduated with honors, with a medal Well done! Well, it turns out that, going back to school helped you…
to socialize, to adapt and step aside this whole story I, well, I forgot to ask, but it’s interesting
about personal life – Simply – Well, discuss How? There is no way? How… I’m just wondering how personal life is built. I’m talking about this, that’s why I asked, got me?
Turns out it can be built For the first time it is – For the first time? – Yes.
Well, okay, kind-hearted you feel protected – Like behind the big wall. – I understood.
What would you like to do but you can’t because of the prosthesis?
To run fast. Simply to run. Can’t you run at all? I can with this on in a theory, but I’m afraid.
– How long do you have it? – Since 2016. Tell me about it. How is this? The state doesn’t provide a good prosthesis, having which I could walk on my own and
so it doesn’t hurt me at least And the children foundation
helped me – Which one? – Rusfond – Rusfond? – Rusfond Tell me, what it has to be done. For someone who has a problem.
Because so many people do not know about it. How to get help? What needs to be done for this? We wrote letters.
You just find a foundation. And Rusfond, what does it specialize in? – Help to everyone? – Children, only to children.
– Children with cancer? – I can’t say for sure, but to the children. How much does it cost? Now, for example, approximately
– Well, I don’t know whether to shoot it or… – Why? – I do not know. – Well, you say and we’ll cut it out. It’s better to cut it out.
It costs so much. Not everyone understands that it’s the foundation. That it isn’t me. That the foundation paid directly to the clinic.
So there was no money. I am not ready to discuss the cost of a prosthesis. Don’t.
I could not even imagine that it was that kind of money. I thought it was completely different… I thought at least three times less
It’s electronics, it’s charging – And where is it made? – Knees…
It’s composed. This part this one is a knee. This can be removed, these layers.
And there is a piece of iron. These knees are in Russia, this company sends here
But this top part It is made only in Germany, individually to order.
And I need to change it. How much does it take to charge? How long does the charge last? – Why do you need charging at all? – To make it bend, so it does this movement.
When I step on it, I press with the weight of my body. – Yeah. – Well
I put this foot on, I press and throw it out and this movement – Ah, this is the moment – Yes.
Yes and I charge it every 5 days. – Is that why the knee is so important? – Yes. – And here, is this joint functioning? – Doesn’t move.
It just is, yes? Are there those in which it moves? I think there is somewhere. Is there something that represents fingers?
Like this? Yes, there are fingers. I even have the shell on which the nails are drawn, veins.
And I have a shell on a foot. – The same? Is it the same material? – No, it’s made of silicone.
It’s just visual for sandals, for example. But I don’t wear sandals, so… You can make so cool things, you can print anything you want on a 3D printer
It’s just that no one is doing this and this costs a lot and nobody wants to do it. Can you just make this thing beige, right?
Yes, whatever you want, of course. Are there any? Do you have a favorite how would you like to do?
I thought about something of transparent-gasoline color so that it… – To be even more of a cyborg? – Well, why not?
– To attract attention? – And beige? It’s creepy. Really. I had when… I had beige foam rubber with a stocking, with beige like this
You don’t quite understand that there is nothing and you look even more at what is there. Well, this is creepy.
My Dad did this black top part for me, this shell – And how does it look inside, like this? – It’s beige, it’s ugly on top.
It’s metal inside, it isn’t bad inside, just… You just showed me this beige part isn’t it your leg? – Not. – What is it?
It’s carbon.
– You put on first … – Yes, silicone. – I put it on. – You put silicone on your leg. And then a…
What needs to be changed now? Do you need to change the silicone or do you need to change everything completely? – The top part. – Will the bottom one remain?
This knee. I had a huge fight with the state, they declined
They declined because I have a bone 1.5cm less than they have written in the documents
Now I’m in the process of solving this case, because I started show it on social media everywhere,
I started to speak about the problem And now I’m waiting for approval of my knee from the Main Bureau, it seems like my question is being solved
– The Main Bureau of what? – Medical and social examination of Moscow And the state is obliged to help the disabled.
Do you know how much taxes I pay for a year? You would know In my experience, their main task is to decline.
To do their best to… And you go with these meters, right?
It’s psychologically difficult. I read you cried because of it on Instagram?
When I came on commission and saw that there was neither a prosthetist, nor an orthopedist,
a neurologist and a cardiologist decide what will I walk with. I cried.
Now that you are 18, Can’t you ask any foundation for support?
Too large amount of money. – And what kind of prosthesis is this? – Bionic. – Bionic? – Bionic prosthesis with external power supply, yes.
– Is this a bionic prosthesis? – Yes. The most important thing that is given by this prosthesis, it’s safety. – Do you limp now? – Yes.
– What does it depend on? – Well, I don’t make an effort, I don’t do my best. There are times when I walk very well.
Why don’t you do your best? This is constant concentration, when you walk you cannot be distracted, you think
about stride length, how you hold your back. You are constantly on your toes.
But it was made for properly? Is everything all right with it? it’s assembled correctly. – For you? – Yes.
There is one more moment here I have lost a lot of weight. You can’t lose weight in it.
And I’m falling a little this way because I lost weight, my size changed. There are a lot of nuances here, so I need to change the top part.
Can’t you make just a silicone lining? I tried already, nothing helps, new silicone layer must be done
for my sizes. The body is changing constantly. Will you need constant maintenance?
And you’ll have to pay constantly, you’ll work for your leg all the time. What is the situation now? Are you trying to figure this part out?
Why can’t you do a kickstarter or something? It’s like a fundraising.
To open one of your own to any charitable aim – And people will transfer money. – I do not even know.
Why don’t you want to do this? People will transfer you money for a prosthesis. I watched the program with Rogov. Have you watched?
– The one, where he collected money for the girl on the arm prosthesis. – Not. Bionic. 2,000,010 it costs, 2 million and 100, something like that
There are foundations that are helping… – Adults and children? – And adults in particular.
And they collected in a month thanks to social media
2 million So in this case I think you should count on yourself having your appearance and having your love for social media
If you treat it like a job and you understand what to collect this amount you just need to work.
I don’t know, it knocks me out if something doesn’t work out, so I
I throw myself into any activity completely. – and if something goes wrong… – Because you’re a perfectionist Even on the show
When I went on casting, I understood that well… I am clearly aware that I can’t do a lot of things
This is a great responsibility and I understand that there could be some kind of shooting, some tasks where physical activity is needed
I can hardly participate in them, no matter how much I want, no matter how much I believe in myself
And I understood that this wouldn’t be a big loss, if it won’t work out
but I was so upset I didn’t expect it from myself I left social media, roughly speaking, I had few posts
Tiktok, somehow I couldn’t find inspiration, strength, somehow
it knocked me out, knocked me out for a couple of months I didn’t know what to do Do you have another recession now, too? What is connected with?
I can’t find myself, I don’t know. What I would like to do, I can’t do it. – Yes, this is… – How old are you?
– 21. – OMG. What? You still have a lot of time to find yourself, do whatever you want.
You need to get together somehow. Anyway, but you’re already got together
mechanically. Does it hurt you when they call you an invalid or when they say about you as about an invalid? I don’t like this word, I won’t lie
I don’t like. I don’t feel… Because for some reason this term
has such a negative meaning How to communicate in general? Is there some kind of etiquette?
Can you say what shouldn’t be done, for example, in your case? Even when you came to the jury panel I didn’t understand…
I saw you all were so confused, I was so uncomfortable that you are uncomfortable. Why were you uncomfortable? We are uneducated in this.
That I embarrassed you somehow, I just thought later. It’s all about the person himself,
who has a feature How he perceives himself, how he presents himself. “Legless” can I say to you?
Hey, legless, how are you there? Well, jokingly. he doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Something like that. What is the most inpolite question you have been asked?
I guess, many people ask what happened to me when we first meet These are just normal questions. – Doesn’t it piss you off? – Not.
It’s more often asked than for example, my name is even asked Just “Ah, what is it?”
On the street can you be asked? – Not so often. – How do people react?
In different ways. The more you show the more people get used to it.
When you don’t see something, it starts to scare you. I understand their reaction when they look at me on the street,
could ask or say something afterwards. Because If I’m in their shoes and haven’t seen something like this my whole life
I would be interested and surprised too and I would note it too. What about the cyborg model?
Is it ok to call you a cyborg… Did you come up with it yourself? Yes. Because I googled if there is such a real definition, because I saw something alike, I watched the video
And you are the first one the “cyborg model” showed so far. On Instagram because you have it written. You are the first on Google. I like it when you write on your Instagram about it,
when you talk about it, when you share what you have… you were crying because of your knee, right? So meetings… All this needs to be broadcast to people.
This is your full-time job if you want to have support, you need to talk about it.
People very often don’t understand this, because now there is a huge amount of information garbage
and there are these crazy people, who are trying to lure money “Help save someone there”
Everything needs publicity but it should be known how to use it This is your instrument. And if you’ll figure out how to use it
In addition to the fact that you can help yourself, you’re emotionally… you will be looked at it’s happening now in small format
And you… and people see in you some hope and understand that they can be cool with… as a half-robot
You can help yourself and you can still help others financially. You just need to understand how it works, you know?
You always need to try… Don’t think about numbers, just think about your mission. Just think about what you really want to achieve.
Maybe nothing, maybe to stop for a moment, maybe to think, to think it through, to be sad, to stay in Bishkek and so on.
I am not saying that you must work hard all the time. But to understand that this is
process. – Thank you very much for the interview. – Thanks a lot.”

Angelina Vladis Education | Training

She is a well-educated and experienced trendy model video blogger, her educated & experienced data are given below.

Education | Training
Primary/Home School Will Update
High School Went to Bishkek High School
University University
Training Will Update

Angelina Vladis Family | Siblings | Boyfriend

There’s no available information about her parents & siblings, including the identities of her parents and siblings. According to her Instagram profile, she’s engaged. She shares her fiance’s photo & video on Instagram.

Father Name Not Found
Mother Name Not Found
Sister Name Not Found
Brother Name Not Found
Marital Status Engaged
Boyfriend Will Update
Spouse Will Update
Son Will Update
Daughter Will Update

Angelina Vladis Age | Height | Physique Info 2024

YouTuber, Instagram star, and fashion model Angelina has a smart and gorgeous figure. Her Age| Height | Physique Info & more latest info given below.

Angelina Vladis Age 2024 24 years old
Height 5 Feet 4 Inches / 162 Cm (approximately)
Weight N/A
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Physic Type Slim
Physic Measurement 34-24-35 In (approximately)

Angelina Vladis Net Worth 2024

Model Vladis’s net worth is not publicly available. Before calculating her net worth, what are her sources of income? Mainly her source of income comes from modeling, ADVERTISING, product promotion, various networks, and gifts.

Angelina Vladis Net Worth Amount
Net Worth $100K – $300K (approximately)
Net Worth (Will Be Next Year) $0.5M

Angelina Vladis Career

Angelina also known as Angelina Garanina/angelina_vladis, defeated cancer and became a model using a prosthesis. She believes that all generations have their heroes, and Angelina can also be considered a hero of our time. She does not lose heart; on the contrary, she motivates everyone to enjoy life under any circumstances.

Angelina Vladis Picture

As a stylish young lady, she has made a name for herself in the modeling industry. Her amazing beauty is defined by a toned physique, a distinct facial structure, and a unique feature that sets her apart from the rest.

Angelina Vladis Photo

Her career regarding to modeling, and now she is the model of “You are a top model on TNT” team. She is famous on Social media like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Her Instagram profile (@angelina_vladis) is verified. Where she has over 596K followers. On TikTok (@angelina_vladis), she has 254.1K Followers 7.1M Likes. On her YouTube channel @Angelina_vladis, she has 263 subscribers, 13 uploaded videos. On both of the platforms she uploaded, lifestyle, modeling, dance, etc videos.

@angelina_vladis #cyborg ♬ Me Gustas Tu Slowed ronald.editx version –

As a Russian model enthusiast, her journey began at a young age after losing her 1 leg, affected by cancer propelled by a passion that eventually led to fame.

Angelina Vladis Best Image
Vladis Best Image


Q 1. Who is Angelina Vladis?

  • Angelina (Aka – Angelina Garanina) is a psychologist, fashion model, defeated cancer woman, and social media personality. Despite being diagnosed with cancer, she did not hold back and joined the modeling profession and gained popularity due to her modeling career.

Q 2. What is Angelina Vladis’s birthplace?

  • She was born & raised in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Q 3. How old is Angelina Vladis?

  • She is 24 years old.

Q 4. What is model Angelina Vladis’s height?

  • Her height is 5 Feet 4 Inches / 162 Cm (approximately).

Q 6. What is Angelina Vladis’s Net Worth?

  • Her net worth is $100K – $300K (approximately).

Angelina Vladis Instagram, TikTok & Social Profile URL

Instagram Instagram
Facebook Facebook
Twitter Twitter
Linkedin Linkedin
TikTok TikTok
YouTube YouTube
Linkedin Linkedin
Wikipedia Wikipedia

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