Anastasia Rine is an American Model, Dancer, and Social media influencer. She is famous for bikini photography, videography, and OnlyFans VIP content.

Anastasia Rine Biography 2024

Anastasia Rine, a celebrity model and dancer, was born in Moscow and holds dual Russian/American nationality. She is an Aquarius by zodiac sign and moved to Los Angeles, CA, as a teenager. With over a million followers on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, Anastasia has garnered a massive fan following who love her dance videos and glamorous images.

Anastasia Rine Photo 2024
Anastasia Rine Photo 2024

She frequently posts videos of her dance performances, pictures from modeling shoots, travel, and lifestyle updates, as well as exclusive content for her OnlyFans subscribers. Anastasia is known for her exceptional photography skills, and she never fails to deliver high-quality content to meet the expectations of her fans.

This post is all about Anastasia Rine’s biography, age, weight, height, boyfriend, social media, and latest facts 2024, etc.

Anastasia Biography 2024
Real Name Nastasia Yukon
Known As Anastasia Rine
Profession Dancer, Fashion model, Onlyfans Model, and Social Media Influencer
Age 28 years old
Date of Birth 24 January, 1996 [Confirmed]
Birthplace Moscow, Russia
Home Town Los Angeles, California
Ethnicity White | Russian/American
Religion Christian
Zodiac Aquarius

Education | Training

Based on the information available, Rine appears to have completed her primary and secondary education in Moscow, as that is where she was born and grew up.

Anastasia Rine Selfie

While she has not shared the specifics of her education and training, she has made it publicly known that she got higher education at California University and earned a degree there. Following her graduation, she has primarily focused on building her career in the fashion industry as a model.

Education | Training  
Primary/Home School Will Update
High School Will Update
University California University
Training Will Update

Anastasia Rine Boyfriend | Parents | Siblings 2024

Anastasia, a Russian model, keeps her family life private on social media and prefers to share details about her personal life with her fans.

Anastasia Rine Photo 2023

We investigated her dating history and her boyfriend. After verifying information from various sources, we found no evidence of any romantic relationship or children. Despite our efforts, we could not uncover any information about her family history.

Father Name Not Found
Mother Name Not Found
Sister Name Not Found
Brother Name Not Found
Marital Status Single
Husband Not Found
Boyfriend Not Found
Son Not Found
Daughter Not Found

Anastasia Rine Age | Height | Physique Info 2024

Anastasia [Real Name: Nastasia Yukon] redefines comfort and glamour. Her mission is to encourage the audience to reveal their real self and charter their journey to vitality, confidence, and luxury quality that is synonymous with the Miami lifestyle.

Anastasia Rine Selfie Picture
Selfie Picture

She has a curvaceous, slim, and stunning physique. She has dark brown hair with blonde highlights, which are beautifully cut in the mid-layers. Her original hair is also brown, but she applies different brown shades to look more gorgeous. The woman’s eyes are black. And she exudes a charming, pleasant, and endearing personality.

She is a talented and beautiful rising model with an impressive figure. She always looks stunning with mixed color hair, bright skin, and a bright personality, despite having a normal to rather fat body type.

Megan’s age, height, weight, eye color, and physique measurements are below.

Anastasia Rine Age 2024 28 years old
Anastasia Rine Height 5 feet 7 inches (170 Cm)
Weight 55 kg / 121 lb [approximately]
Eye Color Brown (blonde highlights)
Hair Color Brown
Physic Type Slim
Physic Measurement 34-26-35 In (Approximately)

Anastasia Rine Net Worth 2024

Anastasia is a popular dancer, model, Entrepreneur, TikTok and Instagram personality, YouTuber, and VIP video maker. Fans are curious about her net worth, but the specifics of her earnings and assets remain unclear. Let’s dive into the details of her income sources so that we can get an accurate estimate of her net worth. It’s going to be an interesting analysis.

Anastasia Rine Recent Photo
Recent Photo

She generates revenue through various ways such as modeling, sponsorships, paid photoshoots, brand endorsements, creating digital content for social media, producing VIP videos, promoting products, advertising, and making contributions.

Net Worth Amount
Net Worth $500K – $1M (approximately)
Net Worth (Will Be Next Year) $1.5M


Anastasia, linked with Sarah Evelina, is a notable Instagram and TikTok sensation, known for her alluring content that garnered attention and propelled her into the online spotlight.

Anastasia Rine Photo

Story Of A Lingerie Model In Los Angeles:

She’s decided to film her first vlog. She hopes you are gonna enjoy watching it. She is going to a photoshoot event, and she’s already late, but it’s okay because it’s going to last till the sunset, and it’s only 1:15, so she’s got time till seven or like six because then it’s going to be a bit dark already.

But yeah, so she gets ready. She did a self-tan yesterday, which she never does, but she’s so white right now that she did some phase 10, and she also got herself a new face tan, and she did it too, and it worked.

So yeah, that’s good because she doesn’t tan with her face, and it’s very white. She’s got one from Central Pan, but we’ll see how her skin reacts, and maybe she’ll get a different one, but this one worked. And she’s in the car, ready to go.

Her outfit, but yeah, she will show later. This is her car. She loves her car. She has a Toyota Prius, and it saves her a lot of money, and it’s so cute. She has a white design, and she likes how it all looks right here. So she’s not a big car person, but she loves her Toyota Prius, and yeah, it’s a 2016 model.

So yeah, let’s go on a photo shoot event. It’s gonna be in a very cool house. There are two guys. She thinks maybe they have more people who organize these photoshoot events, and they’re her friends now because it’s like the fifth time she’s going on this photoshoot with them.

And she’s going to their karaoke night parties, and they just hang out around sometimes. So it’s gonna be fun. They’re gonna be her friends, and photographers today.

So she’s excited to meet everybody because she hasn’t seen anyone in a long time. But yeah, let’s go. It’s chilly. So this is the shooting location today. It’s a very warm and sunny day. She got the pool and the house. This is her. So, of course, she forgot to shoot everything else, but she’s shot something, right? She’s gonna go to a party, like a little work event.

Let’s call it that way. She knows it’s COVID stuff, but you know, they’re young people. Sorry, the was great. She shot it for photographers. You’re gonna see pictures on her Instagram and on her OnlyFans. This is her chilling at home, tired, but gonna have some fun now.

So last time, she kind of forgot to film everything, so she tried to film more things today. Yeah, put some lipstick on, got distracted, but today, yeah, they have another photoshoot event, more like low-key one, just, you know, more like friends, um, people, you know, closer in the circle.

But yeah, it’s a pretty cool house with a view. She’s already filmed it, and you know, they just shoot with photographers, or she’s gonna shoot some pictures herself now and shoot some TikToks, and you can just hang out there, do your social media stuff, and have a good time.

She’s gonna shoot like this dress right now. She will show you. So this is the dress. She knows she got it a long time ago, but she thinks it looks good on her, and she likes the color because it’s not black, and they shoot a lot of black things. So she likes that to have a change, different vibe.

They are on a lunch break, all vegan stuff. Everybody, that they can. Yes, are they having a good time? She and her photographer. Are they ready? This is what it’s like. Very cute view from the beach house where they shoot today. They’ve got a waterfall. Go downtown away. Yeah, that’s cool.”

She gained popularity thanks to social media and video streaming platforms and her modeling career was on the brink of success. Currently, she has millions of viewers and fan followers on social media. Social media has played a significant role in his career, given a brief overview of his social media profile.

She has over 318K followers on Instagram and regularly posts bold, se**ctive, and exclusive photos and videos related to modeling, lifestyle, tips, and hangouts. Her Instagram stories also feature details about dancing, traveling, fitness, and modeling. Fans can connect with her on other social media platforms through the link on her profile.

There’s a rising TikTok star with over 241K followers, 1.4M likes, and sizzling videos featuring dancing, lip-syncing, and musical expressions.

On Twitter, she has 5,250 followers, and using this platform since June 2022. She shares her attractive and appealing pictures to gain more followers.

She created her YouTube channel on 18 May 2011. The lady’s self-titled channel has attracted over 20.5K followers with 3,778,816 views. She posts ransom videos, including dance, modeling, interviews of various brands, dancing albums, and more. One of her YouTube videos “See Through Lingerie Haul” hit millions of views.


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Anastasia shares exclusive and steamy content on her OnlyFans page (@anastasirine), offering all her material for paid subscription plans. She actively engages with fans through private messages on the platform.

Her VIP videographer is a professional dancer, model, and content creator. With growing modeling recognition, she may build a career with more fame in the future.


Q 1. Who is Anastasia Rine?

  • Anastasia is a model and Instagram celebrity born on 24 January 1996 in Moscow. She has a huge fan following due to her hot photography and proactive photos on Instagram. Currently, she is a citizen of Los Angeles, US.

Q 2. How old is Instagram Star Anastasia Rine?

  • She is now 28 years old in 2024.

Q 3. What is Anastasia Rine’s birth sign?

  • Her birth sign is Aquarius.

Q 4. What is Anastasia Rine’s profession?

  • Her profession is an Instagram star, Dancer, Fashion model, Onlyfans Model, and Social Media Influencer.

Q 5. How rich is Anastasia Rine?

  • Her net worth is $500K – $1M (approximately).

Q 6. What is Anastasia Rine’s height & Body measure?

  • Her height is 5 feet 7 inches (170 Cm), & Body measure 34-26-35 In (Approximately).

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